Desperately in need of office expansion or renovation? Can’t agree on an office plan? There’s a lot to consider when planning an office; and architects and interior designers and their clients often don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to creating a general working efficiency due to spatial and proximity issues and how the IT infrastructure can blend well with the office furniture. This debate can be avoided through the use of 3D renderings in presentations.

Impress the company’s budget-conscious president, chairman, board of directors and top managers with a 3D office design. With 3D renderings, they can see where everything fits—as if the furniture and the appliances are already in place. The bosses will be able to see a real-time view of what the office will look like, and they can actively compartmentalize and decide where rooms, cubicles and other fixtures should go. Not only that, but they can also visualize how employees can go about their daily routine and how it would affect the working environment.

While a 2D black-and-white blueprint may give the misperception that there is too much room, 3D renderings show exactly how much space can be used without the office being too crowded. Request for 3D renderings from your interior designer or architects now to create a more practical yet attractive office.