What better way to surprise the architect you love than by giving them a Christmas present that can be truly enjoyed? With Lego’s version of some of the most historic structures in the world of architecture as 3D miniatures renderings!

Let the architects you love travel back in time and feel how it was to be Frank Lloyd Wright making history when he designed and built the Frederick C. Robie House in Hyde Park, Chicago, the Fallingwater vacation home in Pennsylvania, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

These Lego architecture sets are not only for architects, but for aspiring ones, too. Parents can start getting their kids interested in architecture by showing them how much fun it is to build a sprawling mansion, a unique vacation house and a museum—at the same time letting them learn more about the history of architecture and its American pioneers, with Frank Lloyd Wright leading the way with 3 of his own immortalized by Lego.

– The Fallingwater vacation home in Pennsylvania was built in 1935 to blend the structure in with its natural environment. Situated on top of a waterfall, Wright said hearing the sounds of the rushing and falling water creates a real feeling of being one with nature—as opposed to using it as a view. His avant-garde design made Fallingwater the “world’s most famous private residence;” and continues to be 77 years later.

-Frederick C. Robie House in Hyde Park, a National Historic Landmark, affectionately known simply as The Robie House, is the best example there is of the Prairie style and is considered to be the first architectural design that was distinctively American. The uniquely red structure was designed in 1908 and was built in 1910 using steel beams and iron-spotted Roman bricks.

– Built in 1943, the Solomon R.Guggenheim Museum’s modern geometric lines and curves makes it a work of art in itself. Continuing with the ideals of organic architecture which he founded, Wright managed to create a modern building near Central Park that gives New Yorkers a break from its busy streets. Continuing to this day to be an international tourist destination not only for the wonderful works of arts it houses, but for the architecture itself.

With Christmas just around the corner, Align3D suggests these Lego architecture sets as the perfect gifts for architects. Not only will the entire family have fun in building these famous structures, but kids can also learn more fascinating facts about architectural history. So this year, we say you celebrate Christmas in 3D!