If you think a 160-room spooky mansion is scary, what more if you stay at an allegedly haunted 300-room hotel? For decades, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has been famous for housing celebrities. The service must have been real good because the ghosts of legendary stars have allegedly come back to the hotel and have made their presence known to many guests.


Who would want to stay at a haunted hotel? Well, heaps apparently, considering that the Roosevelt Hotel is a famous architectural landmark in Hollywood.

Built in 1927, the Spanish-Colonial-themed structure’s façade is distinguishable even from a distance. Exemplifying sophistication and elegance in its design, it can be said that the Hollywood Roosevelt is one of the prime movers of the rebirth of Hollywood Boulevard. While the street fell into disarray, the twelve-storey structure stood proudly as a reminder of the grandeur of Old Hollywood. With a major renovation in 2005 that brought it back to its old glory, the hotel has propelled the renaissance of Hollywood Boulevard.

Since its opening, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has been in the center of the Entertainment industry of Los Angeles. After hosting the first Academy Awards, it became famous for being a celebrity hangout. Being haunted seems to have just increased its popularity. According to stories, guests and maids had seen Montgomery Clift pacing in room 928 while reading his lines. Clift stayed in that room for three months in 1953 while he was preparing for his role in “From Here to Eternity.”

Cabana Suite 229 boasts of the most famous guest the Hollywood Roosevelt has ever hosted. It was at the hotel’s pool that Marilyn Monroe posed for her first suntan lotion ad. It was even said that the hotel was like Marilyn Monroe’s second home, and she frequently stayed at the cabana overlooking the poolIn 1985, a maid said she saw a gorgeous blonde woman standing behind her while she was dusting the mirror in the cabana. When she turned to look around, there was no one there; but when she looked at the mirror again, the blonde bombshell was still there.

So if you didn’t have a chance to see some of your favourite Hollywood stars then, there’s still a place to see them now – just visit the Hollywood Roosevelt.

Who would want to stay at a haunted hotel?