Below is the article by Urban Turf on October 8, 2013:

Virtual Staging: 1 Empty Room, 5 Possibilities

Most home sellers know the benefits of staging their home: it helps buyers envision the possibilities, it presents the space with the eye of a designer, and it prevents an empty home from feeling cavernous and bare.

But few people have the resources or motivation to have their home physically staged, the cost of which routinely runs into the thousands.

Enter virtual staging, in which images of a home’s rooms and spaces are rendered as if they had furniture and decor.

Below is a great example of the possibilities, courtesy ALIGN3D, a virtual staging firm that has launched service in the DC area.

The home had two empty rooms, and ALIGN3D’s renderings show multiple possibilities for each.

The cost to prepare these images virtually is a fraction of what it would be to actually stage it—not to mention buyers get to see multiple possibilities rather than just one.

Following are ALIGN3D’s costs. To learn more, visit their website or contact Adelaine Antonino at or 949.395.6908.

● 1-2 photos – $75 each
● 3 photos – $183
● 4 photos – $240
● 5 photos – $285