Don’t you find it a hassle when you have to repeat yourself over and over again just to make sure your contractors got the design specifications that you wanted? And isn’t it just way too stressful when you go home and there’s this nagging thought in your head thinking, “What if they got it wrong?” now, if you’re a contractor, doesn’t it get tiring when you always need to double check with your clients about every little detail—just so you’re sure you get it right?

With 3D renderings, dealings between contractors and owners need not be so nerve-racking. Constructing a building is taxing enough and the littlest of mistakes can cost the owners, contractors and interior designers money. And this is what 3D renderings aim to minimize. It’s a valuable visual tool because it not only spells out what the client wants to prevent confusion, but it also minimizes errors and oversights that equates to wasted time, energy and money. With 3D renderings as a visual guide and reference, both the owners and contractors are assured they’re on the same page.

Aside from avoiding pricey mistakes, 3D renderings can also be used as marketing and promotional tools. To sell condo units or office spaces faster, the images can be blown up for prospective clients to see. Getting people’s attention with a huge stunning picture of the building’s interior is the first step to attracting a multitude of buyers and tenants. Let them visualize and get a feel of what it’s going to be like to live or work in your buildings. With vivid 3D renderings, clients can already start making plans in decorating the interior. Appeal to their imaginations and leave a lasting impression that will make them come back for more.

This is exactly what Raad Ghantous and Associates did when they designed the Ocean Crest Spa at the Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort & Spa in California. They used 3D renderings to communicate with the client to guarantee that the resort will be built according to the client’s exact design specifications. The resort was also able to use the 3D images to show future guests and patrons what the resort will look like once it was built. It created a hype that made it “the premiere luxury and family destination in the Carlsbad and North San Diego areas” within a year of its opening.